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Midday Open Thread: Which Bengals Players And Storylines Are You Most Wanting To See On "Hard Knocks"?

The Bengals are going to be on HBO's "Hard Knocks" once again this year. We want to hear your take on the players and stories that you would like to see get the most coverage.


The Bengals are officially going to be on HBO's "Hard Knocks" for the second time in five years. Though this is a much different team from the one that was chronicled back in 2009, there is still sure to be many moments of drama. Be it position battles, injuries (hopefully not), and/or funny moments, there will be moments that grab our attention.

So, we'll ask you on what you're looking forward to most in this year's documentary. Which players are you looking forward to getting to know? What storylines are you looking to play out?