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Adam Jones on ESPN Radio: "Hoe, where the **** you come from?"

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones appeared on ESPN radio on Wednesday to describe the night in a way that only Pacman could do.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Several weeks ago, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was arrested during a confrontation with a woman that resulted in Jones being charged with assault. Additionally, since both work at Paul Brown Stadium, they were ordered to stay away from each other.

A video showed the confrontation with the woman approaching Jones with a beer bottle (either in the act of throwing, or pouring the contents on him). Jones reacted with an "open hand" strike near the woman's face.

Jones appeared on ESPN radio on Wednesday and described the night and well... just here.

"You see at the beginning of the video I went over there to talk to the two young ladies who were sitting in the chair," Jones explained. "And the two behind them wasn’t even outside. When I went back over there and told them I ain’t taking no pictures, the young lady in the black immediately got up and that’s when I was approached by the young lady on the wall with the beer who was taking a picture. I was like, ‘Hoe, where in the f— did you come from?’

"She was like, ‘Who the (expletive) you think you is?’ And I was like ‘Look, I don’t want any problems, man. You look like you’ve had too many.’ Before I could say that is when I got hit with the bottle. She swung and hit me with a bottle and it was just an instant reaction to slap her shoulder down."