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Aaron Hernandez could give the Bengals a three TE package

Not true of course, but as Bengals fans we know that we are not far from "If the Patriots cut him the Bengals will pick him up" comments.


What the heck is going on with the Aaron Hernandez story? So far it reads like this:

  • Hernandez knows a guy who may or may not have been killed.
  • Hernandez "friend" was killed next to a car signed for by him.
  • Hernandez home was searched and things were removed.
  • Hernandez once shot a guy in the face.
  • Hernandez has known gang associates.
  • Hernandez once shot a guy in college.
  • Hernandez destroyed his cell phone and his home surveiliance system.
  • Hernandez is probably going to be arrested.

I saw this episode once on Law and Order, and in that one Ray Lewis walked...

In all seriousness, this is an insane development for a team that is not known for character issues. I mean, it is not like Bill Belichick does not draft or sign questionable character guys, they just seem to behave when they play for the Patriots.

Not unlike the Patriots, the Bengals also sign questionable character guys. No more notorious recently than Chris Henry or Adam Jones. However, neither of these gentlemen have been accused or arrested on murder charges.

But, leave it to the masses to drag the Bengals into the fray when any NFL player is in trouble. A quick search on the internets turned up the following two posts:

People should reserve their sickening vitriol for dysfunctional teams that really deserve it, like the Jets or the Bills or the Titans or the Bengals or the Raiders or the Cowboys. I could go on and on and on but the Patriots are the very definition of a class franchise and people seem to be jealous of success.

Looks like we’ll be seeing him in an orange jump suit soon. With the Bengals.

Hilarious. We may not have the rings, but we also do not have spygate or a murderer (accused) on the team.