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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Speaks About Player Safety At Cincinnati Conference

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made a recent stop in Cincinnati to speak at a national PTA conference. He addressed the issue of player safety.

Doug Pensinger

There are quite a few items on Roger Goodell's priority list as NFL commissioner. The league's big boss has been open about wanting a team in London and expanding the league globally. He is also a big proponent of player safety and ongoing concussion research.

On Friday morning, Goodell was invited to speak at a national PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) in Cincinnati. In the conference, Goodell addresses the latter issue with the attendees. Via FOX 19 and The Associated Press:

The National Football League is facing a federal lawsuit over concussion-related injuries by thousands of former players. Goodell says the NFL has taken action to improve the safety of its players. He says the league also is supporting initiatives to make youth football safer, such as one called Heads Up Football that teaches techniques for young players to avoid head contact. Goodell urges the school activists to push for children to have properly trained coaches and safe equipment.

It's just another platform that the commissioner has used to promote the very important idea of football player safety at all levels. With the recent string of tragic concussion-related suicides, this issue is becoming more and more prevalent. It's good to see him speaking on it at both the local and national levels.