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Wide Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh Talks Bengals On SiriusXM NFL Radio

Former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh recently joined Nate Burleson and Zig Fracassi to talk about the current state of the Bengals. Maybe to the surprise of some, "Housh" was very complimentary of the franchise.

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Mike Ehrmann

In the mid and late 2000s, the Cincinnati Bengals had the most productive and also the loquacious duo of wide receivers in the league. Though Chad Johnson/Ochocinco got the bulk of the media attention for his motor-mouth and playful nature, T.J. Houshmandzadeh wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects.

Though he bounced around to three different teams in three years after leaving the Bengals (Seahawks, Ravens and Raiders), he still was one of the more productive Bengals wide receivers in their history. A fan favorite amongst the Cincinnati faithful, Houshmandzadeh remains one of the beacons of hope for late-round draft picks having success in the league.

"Housh" recently joined Nate Burleson and Zig Fracassi on the NFL channel of SiriusXM Radio. On their program, they asked No.84 about the current state of the Bengals. And, what could be a surprise to some, "Housh" gushed about the recent successes of the Bengals.

Some highlights:

  • "Housh" had high praise for current Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. "As long as Mike Zimmer is the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals, they are going to go to the playoffs", Houshmandzadeh said. "I don't know why an owner won't give him a shot as a head coach. That man can coach football--just look at the Bengals before he got there and after."
  • He also had some nice things to say about head coach Marvin Lewis, calling him "a hard coach, but he's a cool coach at the same time. He's not going to let you get away with anything, but he's not going to grind you too much."
  • No.84 also said that he'd have to place the Bengals on top of the AFC "in terms of young talent/core pieces".

It's a pretty entertaining, albeit brief interview. Click the link above for the audio.