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Paul Daugherty on Hard Knocks Nails It

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty hasn't always been the most forgiving with the Bengals. But he drives his points home on Cincinnati's return to Hard Knocks.

We're not drones.

At least we don't think that we are.

Rarely are we hooked from a columnist just by their respective names. So when we saw the headline from Paul Daugherty's most recent posting "Bengals an odd fit for 'Hard Knocks'", I thought to myself, "here we go, again."

Unexpectedly, when I finished, my head was nodding like a bobble-head during a Hurricane.

Points that Daugherty makes while scratching his head about the Bengals doing Hard Knocks a second time.

  • The Bengals are dull now, but "we say this in the nicest of ways."
  • It's against Mike Brown's nature to open his team up.

Daughtery writes:

Mike Brown doesn’t need you to walk a mile in his winged-tips. He does what he does, then he drives his sensible, American-made, midsized sedan home to feed the birds in his backyard. Being “understood’’ is not A-1 on Mike’s shopping list.

He continues:

Vontaze Burfict is a good story. James Harrison, Rey Maualuga. Mike Zimmer is good, if his stare doesn’t damage any lenses. The team itself is appealing. The Bengals are on the verge of being very good. Watching how they prepare for that could be compelling.

Actually, maybe the wonders are baseless. The NFL is a monster. People will watch anything. "We have a lot of personalities," Lewis said. Nary a one with a made-up surname.