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Noticeable exclusions in PFT Mt. Rushmore for the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals actually have a history to be proud of (if you exclude everything after 1990 until Marvin Lewis was hired).

Pro Football Talk has been running a Mount Rushmore series, a poll identifying four players as the best throughout the history of a respective franchise. It's the offseason blotter that helps everyone kill the insufferable portion of the offseason where everyone is on vacation -- Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is currently on the Caribbean Island of Antigua.

The poll for the Cincinnati Bengals, which went on Tuesday, listed 13 players -- many of whom you could have guessed would be included.

On the other hand, there are some missing that you wouldn't have guessed that weren't.

Such as Ken Riley and his franchise-leading 65 interceptions, which currently ranks fifth in NFL history.

And if Ickey Woods and his great one season are to be included in the poll, then so should Lemar Parrish. During his eight seasons with the Bengals, Parrish nabbed 25 interceptions, forced ten fumbles, scored seven touchdowns on defense and another five touchdowns in punt and kickoff return duties. And during six of his eight seasons with the Bengals, Parrish made the Pro Bowl.

Carl Pickens scored 63 touchdowns in eight seasons with the Bengals. And Isaac Curtis is one of the primary reasons why defenders aren't allowed to hold receivers after five yards. Seriously. Google "The Isaac Curtis Rule" (or just click on that link).

We get the polls are often exclusive by nature, leaving out players that probably shouldn't be left out. On the other hand, Riley (at the very least) being excluded should force a re-do in the voting with a 14th member.