2014 DRAFT! 1st Three Picks!

I was responding to an article posted about top 3 positions with the most to prove and came to some conclusions about what our projected needs will be in next years draft. It's just one mans opinion but hey were all killing time until camp starts anyway so here we go. If Andy significantly regresses this year I believe we take QB in the first round next year. But that being said I think If we don't get a QB round one next year, I'm willing to bet we go O - Line. get Dalton as much time to throw as we can. 1. O - Line. Dalton has a SEMI break through year with all the new talent around him, and we decide to keep him, despite some repeat issues. We draft Cling Bolling's replacement after he gets bull rushed for another 16 games. 2. Linebacker - Rey has another troublesome year, Porter isn't ready / doesn't pan out, Harrison keeps getting older. Lamur has a breakout year, and we decide to invest in a BAD ASS MLB to play between Burfict (who proves he wasn't one and done and has another bad ass year) and Lamur. Look for an Alec Oogletree type of pick here. 3. CB / SS . I was torn on this pick. I considered drafting Whitworth's potential replacement as well but we have a lot of late round depth in the O Line this season and I think one of them pans out and we don't look at O Line again until the later rounds. The next most likely is we finally address a #2 wide receiver with a high pick. With Eifert and Gio around Dalton, and Sanu returning to have a MONSTER 8-10 TD catch season, we avoid WR as well. We're set at FB / H-back / that really only leaves CB / SS. It depends on Kirkpatrick and if he can stay healthy (who knows maybe Moch's migraines are contagious), and how our SS looks this season. If we struggle in either area I think we go BPA here between those two positions. The ORDER of these three picks may change depending on our need and what's available in the draft. And in-case we pick up another 1st round pick due to the Raiders giving us the same deal for Rey Malaluga as they did for Carson Palmer. I would be interested to hear what other people think, and possible throw out some names. I for one am pretty pumped that what I consider to be our top 3 needs, may ALL be proven unnecessary after this season. I'd say 2 out of the three end up still being a perceived need after the season. So Rey + SS/CB or O-Line. If we are in the position to take a QB round one...I'd look out for Teddy Bridgewater. Some people aren't sold on him but I checked out Louisville's schedule this year. Other then playing UC the last game of the season, what's left of the Big East this year is a cakewalk for them. Look for Louisville to go undefeated this season and TBW to make some real noise in the Heisman voting. I apologize if half of this doesn't make sense. I haven't slept in 2 days for some odd reason.

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