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Updated Odds From Vegas For Bengals In 2013

Vegas Oddsmakers have updated the Bengals odds of not only winning the Super Bowl, but winning the AFC North, the conference championship game and their over/under.

Robert Laberge

Oddsmakers in Vegas have updated the Bengals' odds at not only winning the Super Bowl, but winning the conference championship game, being AFC North champions and their over/under, which is set at 8.5 wins as of right now, according to the National Football Post.

The odds of the Bengals winning more than 8.5 games in 2013 are set at -125 and they're set at +105 to win less than 8.5. Around the AFC North, the Steelers' over/under is set at 9.0 (-140 over, +120 under), the Ravens are at 8.5 (-140 over, +120 under) and the Browns are at 6.0 games (-130 over, +120 under).

Neither the Bengals nor the Ravens are favored to win the AFC North, at least when it comes to the odds. It's the Pittsburgh Steelers that oddsmakers have selected, giving them 7/4 odds at going to the playoffs as division champions. Both the Bengals and the Ravens are tied at 2/1 and the Browns have odds set at 15/2.

If the Bengals make it to the playoffs, oddsmakers believe their odds of going to the Super Bowl as the AFC Champions are at 13/1. The Steelers are set at 11/1 while the Ravens are at 13/1 with the Bengals. The Browns bring up the rear with 25/1 odds.

Finally, the Steelers have the best odds right now to win the Super Bowl, sitting at 25/1. The Bengals and the Ravens are both at 30/1 while the Browns come in at 60/1. The three teams oddsmakers in Vegas believe have the best chance at winning the Super Bowl, though, are the Broncos, Patriots and 49ers, who all three have 5/1 odds.