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Should we really care what others think about the Bengals?

The background noises that you hear are the blights of humanity using a joke that people stopped laughing at during the Bush administration.


As Sean McAlevey pointed out on Extra Mustard, when the New England Patriots released tight end Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday, twitter reverted to outdated jokes in a room full of serious-looking patrons. Let's take a look at which teams were targeted in these tweets. Tap, tap. Is this on?

We're pretty sure that the same people using the Bengals are criminals jokes are the same blights of humanity that believe women should be wearing bloated dresses while standing attention in the kitchen.

Then we ask ourselves, how much should we really care? Does it really matter what Buckshot Jones thinks about the Bengals?

Not really.

There's no need for us to detail how other teams have taken the crown for civil disobedience. There's no need to care. Because at the end of the day, Buckshot Jones will go back to his sad life, kicking puppies and punching kittens while taking gulps of cheap beer and complaining that the government is forcing him to pay child support to seven different women.

OK, so maybe I care a little bit.