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Bengals Work Out QB Alex Carder During OTAs

With quarterback Zac Robinson likely out until training camp and the apparent stalemate between John Skelton and Josh Johnson for the number two spot, the Bengals opted to cover their bases and brought in free agent QB Alex Carder for a workout.


Along with all the other OTA tidbits released by Geoff Hobson on Monday, one that really stuck out was the current situation at the backup quarterback spot behind starter Andy Dalton. According to Hobson, second year QB Zac Robinson missed Monday's session with a sore elbow and might be out until training camp.

That leaves the Bengals with just Josh Johnson and John Skelton, both of whom have so far failed to play well enough to "ease [Gruden's] doubts about the No. 2 spot behind Dalton." Yikes. Fortunately, Gruden admits there is still time for one of them to secure the spot during training camp and the preseason, but it appears that the Bengals won't just stand pat and hope for the best.

Following the Bengals' final OTA session on Monday, the team brought in Western Michigan rookie Alex Carder for a try out. Carder was originally signed by the Lions after he went undrafted, but the Bengals also showed significant interest in him in the weeks leading up the April event. As of yet, there are no indications that the Bengals will immediately ink Carder to a deal, but none of their other backup quarterbacks are eligible for the practice squad this year, so the team is cultivating their options.

Should Carder eventually sign with the team, it is very likely that he will be stashed on the practice squad to develop behind Dalton and the winner of the Robinson-Skelton-Johnson scrum.