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A.J. Green's assault on the Bengals record book

After only two seasons, A.J. Green's production has already started re-writing the Bengals record books.

Jared Wickerham

Cincinnati still has a lot of skeptics. Maybe after twenty or so odd years you aren't willing to take anything on faith when it comes to the Bengals. Maybe you have been waiting to see that ONE Bengals player, that is so damn good, he won't allow the Bengals to fail. The wait is over my friends. But don't take my word for it, simply turn to ESPN's series that ranks teams and players three years from now. Instead of faith, they apply age, what they've done, and what they could do, and make an educated prediction on what they will become. The verdict is out, Adriel Jeremiah Green is a football GOD.

Arguably the best player in the organization and definitely the top player on offense, A.J. Green is one that figures to sustain a "best of the best" label for many years. Ranked behind Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, and Dez Bryant, Field Yates writes about Green, who ESPN ranked the fourth-best receiver three years from now.

There was a case for Green to be at the top of the list, so don't take this fourth spot as a slight to the gifted Georgia product. Much like Johnson, Jones and Bryant, Green's size and speed combination makes him a nightmare matchup for any secondary. His production through two seasons speaks for itself.

But that's a little predictable, isn't it?

In two seasons with the Bengals, Green has generated 2,407 yards receiving (14.9 yard average) and 18 touchdowns. His 162 receptions is the second-most in NFL history for a player during his first two seasons (Marques Colston, 168). Green is also the first player in NFL history to reach 100 receptions, 1,500 yards receiving and ten touchdowns during his first 20 career games.

Yes. Green. The wide receiver that suits up in a Bengals uniform, that you cheer wildly for every week. Feels good, doesn't it?

His impact became evident immediately with a game-winning touchdown during his NFL debut in Cleveland. Green would go on to break Cris Collinsworth's rookie record with 1,057 yards receiving. While falling two receptions short of Collinsworth rookie record for most receptions, we figure that he crushes that record if not for missing a game against Baltimore with an injury. Or the single-reception games against Cleveland and Pittsburgh. But of course, those receptions were touchdowns... which is sooo Green.

Green followed that up with another monster season.

His 97 receptions in 2012 ranks fourth in franchise history for most receptions in a single season and his 1,350 yards receiving snaps Chad Johnson's top-five ownership in the record book.

Starting with Cleveland in week two last season, Green generated a touchdown in nine straight, surpassing T.J. Houshmandzadeh's record of eight consecutive games with a touchdown during a single-season in 2007. However, Green fell one short of Carl Picken's team record of 10 consecutive games with a touchdown, who set the mark over the span of two seasons (final five games in 1994 and first five in 1995).

Rec. by a rookie 67 Cris Collinsworth 1981 65 2011 2nd
Yards by a rookie 1,057 A.J. Green 2011 1,057 2011 1st
Receptions (single-season) 112 T.J. Houshmandzadeh 2007 97 2012 t-4th
Yards (single-season) 1,440 Chad Johnson 2007 1,350 2012 5th
Touchdowns (single-season) 17 Carl Pickens 1995 11 2012 t-4th
Receptions (single-game) 13 Carl Pickens 1998 10 (twice) 2011-12 --
Yards (single-game) 260 Chad Johnson 2006 183 2012 --
Touchdowns (single-game) 3 11 players, most recent Chad Johnson in 2007 2 2012 t-12th

Provided that injuries and contractual issues are absent, A.J. Green could own the entire record book before he's finished. AJ Green is a rarity, an oddity. No single player should possess that much talent...unless of course he plays for the Bengals.