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Open Thread: What If The Bengals Are Never Destined To Win A Championship?

If the football gods descended upon us and informed us that the bengals are never destined to win a Super Bowl, would you still be a fan?

Doug Pensinger

If the gods of football descended upon Cincinnati this weekend and informed Bengals fans across the nation and around the world of the future of our favorite team, how would it change your opinion of the team?

If you were told that the Bengals will never win a Super Bowl from this day to the end of football as we know it, would you, or could you, still root for them? One of the reasons we root for the Bengals, or any other team for that matter, is the hope of a championship. Hope got us through the '90s, those of us who were fans during the lost decade, and hope keeps us around after the Bengals lose two playoff games to the Texans in the first round in consecutive years.

If something sucked all the hope you have for the Bengals to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in the air, could you continue to root for them? Could you root for a team knowing they would never be where you want them to be?

I know it's a downer of a topic, but it's an interesting question. Also, just so you know, I do have hope the Bengals will win a Super Bowl and with the way things have changed in Cincinnati, I really do believe it will happen soon rather than later.