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Terence Newman proving that he still has something left in the tank

Veteran cornerback Terence Newman is entering his 11th season.

Gregory Shamus

After prolong offseason negotiations between the Bengals, Terence Newman and the third-wheel in Oakland, the veteran cornerback decided on Cincinnati. Signing a two-year deal worth $5 million with a $1.4 million first-year roster bonus and $1.5 million in base salary in 2013 (and $100,000 in workout bonuses this and next year), Newman will enter his 11th season in the NFL after experiencing a revitalizing second-wind last year.

Despite posting only two interceptions (his lowest since 2006), Newman offered an argument that he's clearly not ready to settle into retirement.

"I'm out to prove what I can do, and how I can help the team win football games," Newman told "I think if you're a football player you have a lot to prove every year because there is always someone coming in to take your job, there is always someone they're bringing in they think may be able to take your job. As far as longevity, you are your own boss in a way.

"I didn't have the greatest year when I was leaving Dallas. I came here and I just wanted to prove to all the people that thought I couldn't play anymore that I could. I guess in a sense I had to prove that to myself."

He did.

Newman held opposing quarterbacks to a 79.3 passer rating, his best since 2008. Opposing receivers that he covered posted a completion rate of 57.7 percent, lowest in at least five years, while contributing with 958 snaps on defense (third in the secondary behind Leon Hall and Reggie Nelson).