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Question of the day: Your overrated and underrated list

We ask a question that will be posed all day. Which Bengals players would make your overrated and underrated list in 2013?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco with offers an overrated and underrated player list for all 32 teams in the NFL. For the Bengals:

Overrated: TE Jermaine Gresham. This former first-round pick has a ton of ability, but it just doesn't show up. Will it now that they've added Tyler Eiffert?

Underrated: CB Adam Jones. Yes, the guy formally known as Pacman. He had a heck of a season in 2012 as a nickel corner.

Works for me.

Despite having two Pro Bowls and numbers that continue to improve since his rookie season, there's something missing with Gresham. Then again, how can a player be overrated when those expectations shouldn't apply any longer? After three seasons, he is who he is. He's not Rob Gronkowski nor Jimmy Graham, but Gresham still averages over 57 receptions, 601 yards receiving with a total 15 receiving touchdowns. And each year those numbers continue improving. Perhaps he's just one of those players that needs time before the light truly clicks.

As for Adam Jones, I'm not sure if he's underrated at this point. Perhaps from a league perspective, which makes sense from a writer that covers all 32 teams with the nation as his target audience.

Who would you list as the overrated/underrated on the 2013 roster?