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HBO extends Hard Knocks and Marvin Lewis talks about it

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NFL Films and HBO announced on Thursday that Hard Knocks will have a future. Marvin Lewis held a press conference about the show this year.

HBO Sports and NFL Films have reached a long-term agreement, according to an HBO press release that will ensure that NFL's Training Camp documentary Hard Knocks will have a future.

"We are thrilled to have HBO continue as the home of Hard Knocks, the preeminent sports reality series," said Ken Hershman, President of HBO Sports. "The partnership between HBO and NFL FILMS continually produces unrivaled and groundbreaking television programming."

"We are excited to continue teaming with HBO on HARD KNOCKS to bring our fans closer to the game in unrivaled ways," said Howard Katz, COO of NFL Films and NFL Senior Vice President of Broadcasting. "Since its debut 12 seasons ago, NFL FILMS has developed HARD KNOCKS into an integral part of the NFL preseason and we look forward to kicking off the next iteration of this acclaimed program with the Cincinnati Bengals in August."

The Bengals held a joint press conference with head coach Marvin Lewis, discussing Hard Knocks this year. A couple of highlights from those that attended the presser on Thursday.

Lewis was handed an emmy award for the show's success in 2009.

NFL Films presents Bengals with Emmy from 2009 series  on Twitpic