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Best Bengals lineup since Super Bowl XXIII: Left Tackle

Continuing our series of building the best lineup since the Bengals Super Bowl XXIII game.

As we pointed out Thursday morning, we're configuring the best Bengals lineup since Cincinnati last appeared in the Super Bowl (1988 season, 1989 calendar year). We'll go through each position, provide the candidates, give you my pick, and then you guys debate/poll the winners.

Time to get down with the ogres, the ballerinas of awesome, the soul of football, the core of why football is the best sport in the country. We're starting at left tackle with only two reasonable nominations.


Andrew Whitworth (one Pro Bowl, three playoff appearances): Andrew Whitworth quickly began to leave a lasting impression on the offensive line, usually when various injuries impacted the left side in 2006. Whitworth primarily became a left guard earlier in his career before shifting back to his more natural left tackle. Since then he's been graded as one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL by various analytical sites.

After being an alternate Pro Bowler for several years, Whitworth finally reached the NFL's all-star game in 2012. Whitworth is no Anthony Munoz, but he's been a warrior's warrior since day one.

Levi Jones (one playoff appearance): A former first-round pick (2002) that was athletic enough to counter speed rushers, with decent enough technique to take on power rushers.

However, Jones quickly developed knee problems that neutralized much of his effectiveness. Yet for a time he was part of an offensive line that helped Rudi Johnson claim the franchise's single-season rushing record (twice) and limited the amount of times that Carson Palmer was sacked in 2005 -- an astronomically low 19 times.

Kevin Sargent: Realistically he won't be voted over Whitworth or Jones, but Sargent played seven seasons with the Bengals and started 63. He started at left tackle when Corey Dillon ran for 246 yards in 2007 against the Tennessee Oilers.


Andrew Whitworth