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Best Bengals lineup since Super Bowl XXIII: Fullback

Continuing our series of building the best lineup since the Bengals Super Bowl XXIII game.

As we pointed out Thursday morning, we're configuring the best Bengals lineup since Cincinnati last appeared in the Super Bowl (1988 season, 1989 calendar year). We'll go through each position, provide the candidates, give you my pick, and then you guys debate/poll the winners.

Let's talk fullbacks.


Jeremi Johnson: Johnson was part of an impressive draft in 2003 that included Carson Palmer, Eric Steinbach, and the greatest of great end zone performers, Kelley Washington. Johnson was an impact blocker for Rudi Johnson, helping the running back spring two record-breaking seasons in 2004 and 2005. Scored eight touchdowns (six rushing) and posted 52 receptions for his career.

Lorenzo Neal (one Pro Bowl): Only played two seasons with the Bengals, but was the team's fullback during two of Corey Dillon's more productive seasons. Combining '01-'02, Dillon combined for 2,626 yards rushing and scored 17 touchdowns, thanks to Neal. Even more impressive was an ineffective passing game those years, which didn't confront Dillon or Neal; the latter heading to the Pro Bowl in 2002.

Chris Pressley: Entering his fourth season with the Bengals, Pressley is all tree trunk without any of the finesse of a ball-carrier. He will lower his shoulder, which is designated the trans-dimensional conduit, and open lanes for backs. Not the blocker of Neal, more comparable to Johnson, but that's it. He's all blocker.

Derrick Fenner: Fenner could easily be defined as a running back that played fullback. He started 26 games for the Bengals and they were usually at fullback, lead-blocking for feature back Harold Green. Despite that, Fenner was more of a skill player than a blocker. In three seasons with the Bengals ('92-'94), Fenner generated 1,450 yards rushing, nine touchdowns, 91 receptions, 744 yards receiving and two receiving touchdowns.


Jeremi Johnson