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Peter King launches new website, The MMQB

Peter King launches his football-only website on Monday. King also notes that he under-writes the Bengals, but will attend training camp on August 15.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King, a long-time NFL writer with Sports Illustrated, gave birth to his new football-only website on Monday called The MMQB.

The site makes its home at SI, backed by several investors, but will cover the players and the game. It's not intended to be a daily news source, breaking updates, or anything contractually related. In fact, during it's launch on Monday, stories range from Larry Fitzgerald's world-wide travels, a Richard Sherman written story, the business of football, among other things including King's weekly Monday Morning Quarterback entry.

King, who will be in Cincinnati on August 15 during his training camp tour, provides an interesting breakdown about his weekly column this year per team.

Promissory note about the first seven days of The MMQB: We’ll write something—a story, some column notes, an interview, video, or something else—on every one of the 32 teams. And I’ll be more egalitarian about coverage than I normally am with the regular Monday Morning Quarterback column. Andy DeGory of The MMQB tallied up how many words I wrote in the news sections of my first 23 Monday columns (not including things like Quotes and Tweets of the Week) of this year, and it brought home how I’ve got to do a better job covering all the teams.

I’ve written approximately 91,220 football words in my dispatches—only 129 about Miami, 192 about Dallas, 370 about Houston, 501 about Tennessee, 553 about the Giants, 622 about Carolina, 628 about Cincinnati, 738 about Kansas City, 948 about Pittsburgh and 952 about New Orleans. Those are the teams I’ve short-shrifted.

Conversely, there have been 13,740 words on the Ravens, 7,346 on the Niners (figures; they were in the Super Bowl), 5,044 on New England, 4,545 on the Jets, 4,444 on Oakland and 4,163 on St. Louis.

We're looking forward to see how King's new site evolves. We can never have enough football.