PUP confusion, and players we can't afford to lose

I've noticed some pretty big names on the PUP List. Some I expected, like Crabtree in SF, and Ed reed in Houston...but there were also some surprises. Arian foster starting is also starting out on the PUP list, as well as recently traded Percy Harvin. I was freaking out that Houston, quickly becoming our biggest Rival outside of the AFC North, has two stars that can't play the first 6 weeks of the season.

Then it hit me. This is the Active/PUP List. It's preseason and they can be placed on it today, and back off tomorrow. Arian Foster is expected to return to camp and preseason action at some point, according to, while Ed Reed may actually miss a few games. Crabtree going down is actually a huge blow to San Francisco, but something tells me they will find a way to win without him. I read the PUP list RIGHT as I was waking up and still had SportsCenter going from last night. I thought I'd share my stupidity with CJ, as we relish the fact that AJ Green is going to be fine.

Speaking of AJ Green, I would whole heartedly lock him, Geno, and Andy Dalton away until the last week of training camp. Maybe Andy can play, as long as no one is allowed to touch him...ever. Those are the three players we absolutely cannot afford to lose, for some pretty obvious reasons, but ill list them anyway because it's the start of training camp and I'm just that damn excited for football.

1. AJ Green - He is one of the most talented players in the league, and obviously on this team. As noted by Josh of CJ, in his recent Top 20 players Countdown, AJ green is just about as indispensable as it gets. If you thought our offense took a nose dive (and it did) last season when Sanu went down, imagine our offense, andy Dalton, and our TEAM if AJ went down. Scary thought. Brings me back to a place in the 90's where I don't EVER, EVER want to be again. I realize we have added a few new offensive weapons, but they have yet to player an NFL snap. To keep him from getting hurt, LOCK HIM UP!

2. Andy Dalton - If he were to go down, we do NOT have, what appears to be, a serviceable back-up. If Andy started the first 4 games injured, do you REALLY think that Skelton, or anyone else on the roster is going to step up to beat the Bears, Steelers, Packers and Patriots? Not bloody likely...ok maybe the Bears. I am still mind boggled that Cincinnati hasn't ACTUALLY addressed the back up QB spot. This isn't SS. We can't let a 3rd round pick battle it out with other unproven NFL players. We NEED ANDY healthy, so I say...LOCK HIM UP!

3. Geno Atkins - This team is anchored by the defense, and all of that stems from the defensive line. Geno atkins IS the defensive line. Sure we have other talented players, but there is a popular belief that Geno is so good, he makes good players, look like superstars. (i.e. MJ and Carlos Dunlap) If we lost that constant pressure on the QB, all of the sudden our suspect MLB player is more exposed then it already is. Imagine Rey having to cover a TE for an extra two seconds. That's just one example but you get the point. You know the drill boys and girls, LOCK HIM UP!

Obviously I'm not actually advocating that anyone actually kidnap any of these players. I don't want to see any of you crazies on the news while you get arrested screaming willpower from CincyJungle made me do it. And yes you'd get caught, because Geno atkins would probably make you shit your pants before you even got him out of his house.

Every year, every team has to adjust to injuries to starters. It's an unfortunate part of the game and can dictate how the entire season goes. Every other player, save for possibly Reggie Nelson, we could adapt to them going down. This is one deep, talented team. I hope everyone is as psyched as I am for football to finally be starting. WHO DEY!

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