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Bengals restricting local media and they're not happy about it

The Cincinnati Bengals imposed restrictions on the local media and the local media isn't happy about it.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the Cincinnati Bengals aren't happy with the local media. So they've restricted the local media to two corners on the practice field, which was brilliantly detailed by the Cincinnati Enquirer's visual journalist, Jeff Swinger.

Cincinnati claims that they're trying to cut down on sideline traffic during practices.

The local media is making the Bengals aware about how upset that they are by boycotting the first hour of practice.

I'm not sure if boycotting is the answer, but it has to be somewhat alarming that Cincinnati would apply something so suddenly on the media, who are usually the primary conduit between the team and its fans.

Kevin Goheen with Fox Sports Ohio wrote:

Per boycott of Bengals practice by local media; players safety is always paramount. Priority one for the team is getting ready for the season. Priority one for the media covering the Bengals is to get stories/photos/videos that help fans understand them. There are certain restrictions that are necessary and understandable. These are not.

According to multiple reporters, the Bengals public relations department, led by Jack Brennen and P.J. Combs, eventually helped facilitate a resolution roughly 45 minutes into practice. Photographers have since been allowed on the sidelines, but the reporters were still restricted by the one-hour point. It also appears that the Public Relations department had nothing to do with the actual restriction; only enforcing a ridiculous rule.

For those of you interested, the Hard Knocks crew still has free reign.