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PHOTO: Bengals Fan Sports Amazing Beard While In Attendance At Training Camp

A photo courtesy of USA Today shows one Bengals fan rocking one of the best beards in human history. Take a look.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, men growing insane beards has been taken to a new level in recent years. Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers has grown a crazy one and we have seen the entire 2013 Boston Red Sox squad grow beards as a sign of camaraderie. Even Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko has a legendary mane. We also can't forget former San Francisco Giants and now Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson's pirate-like beard.

They're everywhere.

And apparently, they are even at Cincinnati Bengals camp this year. An incredible shot made by USA Today shows a fan that is rocking an insanely awesome beard while meeting quarterback Andy Dalton. Apparently, this man's beard was long and strong enough to hold a full six-pack of Hu-Dey beer. He strung the beer in his beard like a bandit's bullet belt. Have a look, I'm done explaining.

(Photo by Al Behrman, AP)

This fan deserves his own episode of Hard Knocks. (Photo by Al Behrman, AP)