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First Impressions: Bengals TE Tyler Eifert

Our crew attending training camp return with an impression on Bengals rookie Tyler Eifert.


As training camp practices transitions from the enthusiasm of football returning to the more mundane sessions of scenario and situational integration, we're filtering through the updates filed by our crew attending practices, as well as the beat writers from other organizations. Sometimes the information gets to be a bit much, or even convoluted and we need a moment to reset.

This week I asked Brennen Warner and Andrew Fox Miller, both of whom have attended multiple practices since last Thursday, what their impressions were of the team's rookies. First let's talk Tyler Eifert.

"Tyler Eifert is the real deal, and same with Gio Bernard," Warner says. "They are going to be heavily featured in this offense. Eifert rarely leaves the field during 11-on-11, and he's been decent as a blocker. As a receiver, it's clear right away that he has a great route-running sense and a noticeable awareness on the field (when and where to sit in coverage gaps). And as a red zone target, he's just like A.J. Throw the ball up and Eifert will come down with it every time. He's going to be Dalton's best friend this year."

"Believe the hype on Tyler Eifert," Miller writes. "He seems to blend right in when he's out there with the offense. I can't wait to see him in preseason. If you haven't seen him in action yet, just wait. You'd never know he was a rookie at first glance."

According to most observers, Eifert virtually catches everything thrown his way while playing from multiple spots along the line of scrimmage. The team has used multiple duel tight end formations with Jermaine Gresham during most 11-on-11 sessions.

We'll get our look at Eifert when the Bengals head to Atlanta for their first preseason game against the Falcons on August 8.