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Bengals Training Camp Infirmary Update: Whitworth And Green Unlikely Against Falcons In Preseason Opener

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According to editor Geoff Hobson, two of the better offensive players for Cincinnati aren't likely to be making the trip for the preseason opener in Atlanta.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to injuries that their players have sustained in the first week of Training Camp, the Bengals are playing it cautious. They are using the same practice with other veterans who had offseason procedures and are easing them in and out of practice.

Unfortunately, two of the team's most important players, wide receiver A.J. Green and left tackle Andrew Whitworth, fall into both of these respective categories. Green injured his knee while diving for a pass on the first day of camp and hasn't been back since. Whitworth had an offseason procedure to clean up a nagging knee issue. Green said a few days ago that his knee is "feeling much better now", while Whitworth claimed that his "knee feels good" and that he "just needs to strengthen it".

Now that the Bengals signed rookie free agent tackle Jason Weaver off of waivers from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, as well as wide receiver Jheranie Boyd, editor Geoff Hobson believes that that is one omen that both Green and Whitworth won't be making the trip to Atlanta next week for the preseason opener.

It's a wise strategy to keep two of their best players rested and healthy for when the regular season begins in roughly five weeks. It's unclear if and when we'll see these two in the preseason. Let's just hope that the injury bug stays away from Cincinnati as much as possible.