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Andrew Hawkins' Injury "Believed To Be High Ankle Sprain"

Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins was helped off of the field in Thursday's practice with an ankle injury. According to his brother, "Baby Hawk" thinks he suffered a high ankle sprain.

Dilip Vishwanat

As you heard earlier this evening, Bengals wide receiver Andrew Hawkins suffered an unfortunate ankle injury. He felt the problem hit when he dove and caught a deep ball from quarterback Andy Dalton during the early part of practice.

Though we have yet to confirm it from team officials and/or head coach Marvin Lewis, "Baby Hawk" believes that his injury is a high ankle sprain. Former Bengals cornerback, current media personality and older brother of Andrew, Artrell Hawkins, tweeted that he spoke to his little bro about the injury.

It's unlikely that another person would have a better inside track than Hawkins' older brother, Artrell. Still, the MRI he'll undergo will say a lot in the timeframe that "Baby Hawk" will miss. If you remember, Bengals center Kyle Cook suffered a similar injury late in the preseason last year and had ligament damage. That injury placed him on IR with the designation to return later in the year.

Even if Hawkins avoided ligament damage (which has to be the hope here), high ankle sprains are tricky. If you rush back too quickly, they can be a nagging issue for a long period of time. We'll know more over the next few hours and days about the true extent of the injury.