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NFP: Impressions on Bengals rookies against Atlanta

The National Football Post offered impressions of Bengals rookie against the Atlanta Falcons.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

National Football Post offered a review of five draft picks that played against the Atlanta Falcons Thursday night. Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard are the high-profile players that everyone is watching. Margus Hunt is the development defensive end. Tanner Hawkinson is easing himself into a familiar role as a backup lineman and Rex Burkhead adding points to his resume that figures to make the 53-man roster by this time next month.

Greg Gabriel wrote about Burkhead:

Burkhead showed very good inside running ability with good vision and instincts. He runs low with strength and power and gets yards on his own. He did not get an opportunity to catch any passes, but at Nebraska he was an excellent receiver out of the backfield. The other thing that stood out about Burkhead's play was his coverage ability on the punt unit. He had a very good open field tackle. This is going to be a player that is very hard to cut because of his overall play and ability to play on special teams.

On offensive lineman Tanner Hawkinson:

In this game, Tanner played both left guard and left tackle. He showed good ability to both run and pass block. He stays low, has good leg drive and finishes. In pass pro he was able to set quickly, use his hands and mirror. He got bull rushed one time but other than that I thought he played well.

Check out the link for interpretations of other players.