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Without a team to play for, Otis Hudson looked to become an interior designer

When you think of interior designers, you don't think of massive offensive lineman.

When Otis Hudson wasn't signed by the the Bengals to their offseason roster following the team's playoff loss to the Houston Texans, Hudson had nearly given up. What was he thinking about doing?

Interior designer.

"I was in the process of trying to be an interior designer," Hudson said via "I just decided to put that on the back burner now and focus on football. I'm not ready to do that at all. I thought I was, but I'm not.

"I was just trying to find myself in the whole process.  To see if football was really for me," Hudson said. "I think I'm going to play for a while and worry about after football when that time comes."

As Geoff Hobson pointed out Saturday, Hudson had a great camp in 2011 before a knee injury knocked him down and he's been looking to produce like he did that year.

"I was at a big crossroads. I had my ups and downs here. It was very frustrating at times," Hudson said. "Now it comes a day at a time. Enjoy the moment.  And see what happens. When I hurt my knee, it took a lot out of me because I set out in 2011 to really prove I could play in the NFL. And when I hurt my knee, I thought I was done. I just have to find that '11 (form) again."