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Marvin Lewis on J.K. Schaffer: "I kind of got my stamp on him"

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis offered strong praise for Schaffer, who took some first-team snaps with the defense on Saturday.


Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis had promising remarks for linebacker J.K. Schaffer, who led the team with six tackles Thursday night against the Atlanta Falcons. Prior to Saturday's practice, Lewis was asked by the local media how the team's linebackers looked.

"I think it's a lot like the running game, we had some production and some things that we want to do better," said Lewis. "I thought of the young guys, Jayson DiManche was active and made some plays. J.K. (Schaffer) obviously made some plays and was active. That's good to see from J.K. because I kind of got my stamp on him, so he's got to play well."

Schaffer did some work with the first-team defense on Saturday at middle linebacker; promising enough to bark orders to starters to get everyone into proper position when Josh Johnson was calling out an audible. Maualuga had a few snaps at middle linebacker, but so did WILL linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

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