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Bengals Linebacker James Harrison Doesn't Dig On The Media

In speaking with the media on Monday, Bengals linebacker James Harrison made his feelings about the media pretty clear.


When the kickoff episode of Hard Knocks debuted last week, fans around the country got a glimpse into James Harrison' personality. Aside from attempting to play the intimidation game with some of the assistant coaches and being aloof in meetings, Harrison totally shunned the HBO film crew.

At the time, we weren't sure if it was part of an act, if it was his true personality, or maybe a mixture of both. We are fairly certain that it's a story line that will continue through the next four episodes--even if it's just for a laugh. When Harrison spoke to the media on Monday, he continued his fractured relationship with members of the local media.

Our own Mickey Mentzer made a comparison on Harrison being like your buddy's intimidating dog. "Oh, he's totally nice", your friend says as the imposing canine gives you the stink eye. The more abrasive statements that Harrison makes to the media and the "Hard Knocks" crew, the more I conjure up Mentzer's comparison.

And, it's likely that if Harrison happens to read our work here at Cincy Jungle, he won't like the fact that I wrote this up on him. Uh oh.