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NFL Getting Closer To HGH Testing As Player's Association Agrees To Initial Proposal

The National Football League is looking at jumping into the fray of further testing of its players for performance-enhancing drugs.

Michael Loccisano

Performance-enhancing drugs in sports is quickly becoming a major issue. Major League Baseball has been in the limelight the most recently, from cases ranging from Barry Bonds to the BioGenesis scandal that rocked the nation a couple of weeks ago. There have been rumblings that the NFL is getting closer to making tests for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) a mandatory practice.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported on Monday that the NFL Players Association has agreed to engage in a case study of the players league-wide, by gathering blood samples to determine what levels are deemed high and low. Going forward, this is a huge step towards full-blown HGH testing in the league. Garafolo also notes that players found to have high levels in these initial samples won't force players to be punished retroactively.

Opinions on how high of a percentage of the league's players would test positive for HGH varies. Some believe that it is relatively low, while others believe that a good chunk of the league would test for it--though there isn't any substantial evidence to point to either. Mark Schlereth of ESPN said on the radio the other day that he believed about 30 to 40 percent of the league would test positive.

Sounds like we'll find out in the near future.