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Cincinnati Bengals Links, Notes, and Quotes

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A collection of stories around the internet featuring the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Everyone's favorite receiver.
Everyone's favorite receiver.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

+ The coaching staff likes Rex Burkhead's "football playing speed", despite the predraft hype knocking his top-end speed that dropped his stock during the 2013 NFL draft.

"Timed speed and football playing speed are two different things," Jackson said. "He’s here for a reason because we see something in him we really liked. From Mike Brown down through Bill Tobin who really spent a lot of time through myself watching him on tape, all of us. We knew what we were getting. People say the timed speed which was 4.7, he doesn’t play 4.7. He plays a lot faster than that and a lot stronger than that. At the end of the day we got the right guy."

+ Safety Shawn WIlliams posted his second pick-six in as many days on Monday.

+ Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins intends to come back stronger than ever from his ankle injury.

+ Richard Deitsch does a story on MMQB about Hard Knocks and the work it takes from the NFL Films production staff.

About 30 Hard Knocks staffers work onsite during the filming, and a half-dozen in the crew, including director Rob Gehring will spend seven weeks in total with the Bengals. Staffers work 12-to-14-hour days, and often clock 100 hours per week. The crew typically shoots 300 hours of film for each 55-minute program. (The debut episode of Hard Knocks last week ran exactly 56:18.) There will be 60 players wired for sound during the course of filming.

+ Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones is taking pickle juice to combat muscle cramps early in training camp. A recommendation by assistant coach Brayden Coombs.

"I’m not going to take too much credit for it because as far as I knew, this was common knowledge," said Coombs. "He was cramping for three days in a row or something like that, so I mentioned pickle juice to him and he said, ‘Nah…I’m eating bananas and drinking Gatorade.’ Finally, one day they pulled him out of practice and he was so frustrated because Marvin can’t stand to not be out there that he was willing to try anything.

+ The Western and Southern Open draws $62.5 million for the local economy. And the local economy is Mason. Now if only I can deal with the traffic.