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Introducing the Cincy Jungle Fantasy Football League

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It's back. Fantasy Football has returned and with it, the new CJ league is forming.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It's that time of year.

Football is heating up. And with that comes Fantasy Football. Thanks to a partnership with Yahoo! Fantasy Football, we'll be having another official league this year.

Like last year, it'll be an invite-only league. If you're interested, comment here that you're interested. Keep in mind that we'll be picking the most active users on the site, so if you created an account on two minutes ago with intention of joining the league, don't bother. Also, I'll be handing off Commissioner duties this year. Once the invites go out and the league is created, we'll see who wants the job.

Once that league is created, we'll let everyone know so that you guys/gals can create your own leagues. Let's have fun (watching my arse get whipped yet again).