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Prisco: Bengals will beat the Falcons to win the Super Bowl

We're only three weeks deep into training camp and entering the second week of the preseason. Predictions are rough right now, but they can be fun. Especially when they look favorable on our team.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis approves
BenJarvus Green-Ellis approves
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

If you've followed Pete Prisco on twitter or have read his articles over the past two years, you'll know that he's never shied away from appreciating the talent level that the Cincinnati Bengals have. Anyone that applies logical thinking and unbiased observations, are agreeable to that perspective. During Hard Knocks' on Tuesday, Prisco sent these tweets.

Indisputable logic. We love it.

But he's not finished either.

Projecting the entire 2013 season, Prisco has the Bengals winning the AFC North with a 12-4 record. Better yet is the projection in the playoffs, beating the Baltimore Ravens in the wild card round, then the Broncos in the divisional round, and finally the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Wait. What?


That's a Super Bowl berth.

But not just a berth. Prisco has the Bengals beating the Atlanta Falcons 31-30 to win the big game.

Indisputable logic. We love it.