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Around The NFL: Von Miller Continues Rocky Offseason, Arrested For Missing Court Hearing

We take a trip around the league on a Wednesday filled with big news. The first stop is with troubled Denver Broncos linebacker, Von Miller.

Justin Edmonds

What a strange offseason for the Denver Broncos. They have endured major personnel losses like Elvis Dumervil, a drunk driving charge on their General Manager and other issues. One other major cloud hanging over the club is a four-game suspension to their All-Pro linebacker, Von Miller. He was popped for violating the league's substance abuse policy this offseason.

Miller is now the object of another legal issue, per multiple sources. The Denver ABC affiliate has reported that Miller was arrested this past Sunday for missing a previous court date.

Court records show Miller, 24, was arrested for not appearing at his court hearing on charges from last October when he was cited for careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

Court records show Miller was scheduled for arraignment on Dec. 31, the day after the Broncos' final regular season game in Denver. The arrest warrant was issued Jan. 2.

The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office told 7NEWS that Miller went into the gun club Sunday and was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Deputies were called and Miller was taken into custody.

There is no word why he was not arrested sooner.

Miller was booked and released on Sunday on a $1,000 bond. The Denver Broncos players had Sunday off from training camp.

The Broncos have released an official statement on the matter by saying, "We have been aware of the matter involving Von Miller's failure to appear in court for traffic violations. It was reported to the league earlier this week and is being handled through the legal system". There is no word on if this will led to a further suspension that Miller is already facing, but it won't help his appeal of that penalty.

Though the Broncos still have a strong roster on offense led by quarterback Peyton Manning, the defensive side of the ball definitely has some questions. If Miller's suspension holds up, the team will be without two top pass rushers in he and Dumervil, who left for the Ravens. It also has to be quite unsettling for fans, as Miller was not seen as a character issue type of guy coming out of college. That reputation is quickly changing for the worse, unfortunately.