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Beating the Browns would be great, says Bengals TE Alex Smith

Now we fully understand and appreciate the free agent tight end, who joined the Bengals during the offseason.


If you needed added reason to really understand and get behind Bengals tight end Alex Smith, we have one for you. When asked by Branson Wright with the Cleveland Plain Dealer if he finds motivation playing the Cleveland Browns, Smith said:

"I spent my last three years with the Browns, so of course you have that familiarity, so that makes you play a little harder when you see them twice a year," Smith said. "To [beat them] twice would be great."


See? Smith. Bengals fans. Beating Browns fans. Everyone celebrates.

Smith posted 28 receptions for 184 yards receiving with a touchdown in 29 games played in Cleveland from '10-'12.

However, it wasn't for this reason that Smith signed a one-year deal worth $800,000 with the Cincinnati Bengals. Selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the third round of the 2005 NFL draft, Smith had his most productive years in the NFL playing in Jon Gruden's system, where Jay was an assistant.

"I joined the Bengals because of my relationship with the Grudens," said Smith, about Bengals offensive coordinator Jay, and his brother Jon. "I played for (Jon) in Tampa. The Bengals are a familiar group, and they welcomed me with open arms. It's a great situation for me and I'm happy to be here."

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