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New Game Plan: Give it to Giovani Bernard a lot and take a 7-3 lead

New game plan.

Give the football to Giovani Bernard and run the football.

Following Rob Bironas 38-yard miss with 6:50 remaining in the first quarter, Giovani Bernard takes the handoff on consecutive downs, targeting the right edge and turner the corner for back-to-back nine-yard gains with the team closing in at midfield.

On first down from the Bengals 46-yard line, Bernard takes the handoff on his third straight run behind Anthony Collins and Clint Boling on the left, picking up seven more.

Three straight runs for 25 yards rushing for Giovani.

Think we're finished?

On second-and-three from the Titans 47-yard line with 4:53 remaining in the first, Dalton takes the shotgun snap and flips the football to Bernard in the flats on the left. Bernard sprints away from defenders down the left sidelines for an impressive 22-yard gain.

Does it stall out now? Maybe. Or not.

Dalton has the football deflected at the line of scrimmage on first down, underthrows Marvin Jones on second (back shoulder throw), setting up a third and ten from the Titans 25-yard line.

Dalton, in shotgun (which is the case whenever they throw), fires the football over the middle to Mohamed Sanu on a crossing pattern beyond the first down marker. Sanu adds two stiff arms and runs down the left sidelines when he was shoved out of bounds at the one-inch line by Bernard Pollard (originally called a touchdown but reversed on an official review).


Jermaine Gresham, Orson Charles, Alex Smith, and Tyler Eifert come out in a power formation and call isolation, giving the football to Bernard for a one-yard touchdown run, giving the Bengals a 7-3 lead.