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Titans control the line of scrimmage to reduce Cincinnati's lead 17-12

The Tennessee Titans strung together a nice drive against a Bengals defense that couldn't maintain much defense against a powerful rushing offense. Missed tackles, defenders on the ground, and a miserable lack of a pass rush led to a 62-yard touchdown drive that consumed over seven minutes on the clock.

Jackie Battle was a huge contributor for the Titans, running the football eight times while Bengals defenders like Jayson DiManche missed tackles in the backfield or DeQuin Evans losing contain on the edge that directly led to an 11-yard gain.

Tremendous pass protection and a bad Bengals pass rush allowed backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to successfully complete all of his passes, leading a four-yard touchdown.

The Bengals are leading 17-12 after a failed two-point conversion with under two minutes remaining in the third quarter.