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Big plays by Cobi Hamilton and Dan Herron extends Bengals lead 24-12

Josh Johnson doesn't intend to write his preseason ticket as the third-best quarterback -- especially after going three and out during the team's opening possession in the second half.

Thanks to a Jayson DiManche hold on kickoff (after the Titans scored a touchdown to reduce Cincinnati's lead), the Bengals are forced to their own eight-yard line with 1:51 remaining in the third quarter. Following a scramble and a beautifully caught Ryan Whalen reception, and a Dan Herron six-yard run up the middle, the Bengals have second down from their own 25-yard line.

Johnson takes the shotgun snap from the Bengals 25-yard line and leads a fast ball to Cobi Hamilton's slant. The receiver caught the football, shrugged off Alterraun Verner's tackle and gained 30 yards to the Titans 45-yard line.

End of the third quarter.

Following another five-yard scramble, the Bengals have second down with 14:34 remaining.

Johnson hands off to Dan Herron, who slams into a wall of bodies at the line of scrimmage.

Well, there's nothing there. So let's redirect to the left.

With the Tennessee Titans defensive line completely collapsing, Herron redirects around the left edge. Johnson is leading him, blocking defenders as Herron sprints, runs like Forrest Gump.

Approaching the endzone, Herron jumps over the pylon and leans his football-gripped hand through the endzone for the score on the 40-yard touchdown.

Bengals take a 24-12 lead.