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Bengals rookie Sean Porter has a torn shoulder labrum

The Cincinnati Bengals could lose one of their rookies soon as the team decides whether or not to place Sean Porter on Injured Reserve.


Not much has been described about Sean Porter's shoulder injury, only that he did suffer an injury and that it may or may not be serious. Porter sat during some practices late last week and sat out against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday. Considering how congested linebacker is as we're approaching roster cuts, it must be serious enough.

According to, Porter has a torn labrum in his shoulder and the Bengals are currently "trying to decide if Porter needs season-ending surgery" or if they'll "let him play with a harness." Torn labrum's can be tricky injuries. Texans safety Ed Reed played through a torn labrum last year with the Baltimore Ravens. So did San Francisco 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith, whose injury began appearing on weekly injury reports in week 12 last season.

On the other hand, Redskins rookie Jeremy Kimbrough will miss the entire season with a rehabilitation time of four-to-five months. Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan had surgery after the NFL Combine to repair a torn labrum in February and needed months to recover.

As a fourth-round pick in the 2013 NFL draft, Porter is essentially safe on the 53-man roster. If Porter is out for the season, there's a significant position battle that will go down for the final two spots (presuming that the team keeps six) between Vinnie Rey, J.K. Schaffer, and Jayson DiManche. Bruce Taylor, who tied for second on the team with five tackles against the Titans on Saturday, could factor at some point.

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