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Trial for Adam Jones' assault charge starts Monday

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones will appear in court to answer for an assault charge from an incident in June.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is scheduled to appear in court Monday as his trial for assault is set to begin. Early last June, Jones was accused and charged for assaulting a 34-year old woman at a local drinking establishment. Jones plead not guilty later that month.

Video of the incident showed that a discussion turned hostile when the women approached Jones with a bottle and the cornerback felt threatened enough to defend himself. The 911 call that the woman placed was made public.

Making the story even more interesting is that the woman works at Paul Brown Stadium, despite claiming that she did not know who he is, and both were ordered to stay away from each other. Jones detailed the incident on SiriusXM's Late Hits weeks later.

The NFL can still rule against Jones under the league's personal conduct policy, which may require Cincinnati to prepare for a contingency if they lose Jones for a period of time. Assuming that the team keeps five cornerbacks, Jones would need to be replaced by someone like Shaun Prater or Chris Lewis-Harris. But that will be determined once the league decides to make their decision whether to punish Jones or not.

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