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Broncos LB Von Miller to be suspended "at least" six games

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Miller violated the league's substance policy and will be suspended this year, possibly upwards to six games.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
According to multiple reports from ESPN NFL Insiders Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is "expected" to be suspended for "at least" six games for violating the league's substance policy.

According to both, negotiations are on-going to determine the actual length of the suspension. Miller's camp is hoping for four games, but six games remains on the table and "sounds more likely now."

The Bengals won't play the Denver Broncos this year, but you have to figure it's a difficult situation for the Broncos, who suffered an assortment of injuries over the weekend from Wes Welker, Champ Bailey, Louis Vasquez, and Ohio's own Derek Wolfe.

From a Cincinnati perspective, the Bengals are looking to take advantage of any adversity facing the powerhouses in the conference.

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