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Tempered expectations - But this team is good

These are the ramblings from a guy who is very excited about the Bengals team this season. If the roster looks deep, that's because it is.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So far we have seen two preseason games where the Bengals have easily cruised to a victory. I understand it is only the preseason and expectation needs to be tempered, but, as it stands now, I am very excited about the Bengals this season.

Now, I am not talking Super Bowl, or playoffs or the division championship, although I do think these are all possibilities. I am talking specifically about the things I like at this moment.

The Offense
This offense is going to be exciting. In the comments on CJ, I read a lot of people not sold on Mohamed Sanu. I don't understand this nor agree. I think the kid is 100 percent our number two receiver. He proved it last season before being injured and then proved it again on Saturday when he was the big bodied receiver that was able to shed tackles and make plays. His 3rd-and-long conversion alone was awesome and showed a glimpse of what he can do on the field.

Giovanni Bernard is an exciting player. It is going to be interesting to watch how he mixes in with BenJarvus Green-Ellis. For the short time he has been on the field this preseason, he has shown the ability to pick up yards in the running game as well as the passing game. His shifty running style is fun to watch and every cut looks like the kind of move that will allow him to break for a few big runs.

Although we have only seen the vanilla offense, and not what we will watch in the regular season. The tight end position is a strength for this team as both guys seem to block well. Either guy is a tough matchup for a defense, both make it almost impossible.

The Defense
While we may be taken back by the lack of sacks the defense has produced, it does not mean there has not been any pressure. From my vantage point at the game on Saturday, the defensive line was getting a good push up the middle. The Titans were really only able to move the ball on the sidelines and the line of scrimmage seemed to be controlled by the Bengals. Many of Jake Locker's incompletions were caused by D-Line pressure. It is like I have always said, a strong defensive line makes a teams secondary look better.

The George Iloka injury stinks for a safety group that I have been presently surprised with. I did like the play from Shawn Williams filling in for him though.

This is just a brush of the surface. I like the play of the backup quarterbacks. At this moment I think I have confidence in either guy taking those reps.

Boom Herron is making a strong case to make this team.

Tell me I am crazy. This looks like the most talented Bengals roster we have seen in the last 23 years. I think they can surpass what we thought the Bengals were in 2005 and what we hoped they were in the past 4 years.