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Infirmary Shrinks: Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap Return

Several players recovering from injury are making their returns on Monday, including defensive ends Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap


The Cincinnati Bengals traveled to Springboro High School on Monday to complete their final public session of the season -- we have a guy up there that will provide a full accounting of the event.

There's good news.

According to reports, several players that have been recovering from injury have made their return on Monday. Defensive ends Carlos Dunlap (concussion) and Michael Johnson (back), and defensive tackle Brandon Thompson (knee) were in uniform Monday as the team wore helmet and shorts. Linebacker Vinnie Rey, who hasn't played in the preseason with an injured knee, was also in uniform.

Dunlap and Johnson began the session going through individual drills.

Also putting to rest that BenJarvus Green-Ellis might be hurt, largely in response to not playing on Saturday, the starting running back was also practicing.