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Bengals RB Cedric Peerman activated off NFI list

Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Peerman is making his first appearance during training camp after a wacky offseason.


Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Peerman is making his first training camp appearance on Friday after the team activated him off the Non-Football Injury list. Peerman was listed No. 3 on the team's recently released depth chart -- the first of the preseason.

Peerman explained an odd situation that caused the first of two injuries to his foot. While dining with his fiancee at a cafe in New Orleans, a young hoodlum came by and swiped her cell phone right off of their table. It's safe to assume that the thief might not have realized that the lady's beau was a professional running back, and true to form, Peerman chased him down.

The thief chucked the phone once he knew that Peerman was going to close in on him, but while jumping down some stairs, Peerman tweaked his heel.

"Some kid just comes out of nowhere, just takes her phone off the table. I thought it was her wallet. There was a delayed reaction by myself. She got up and ran and I got up and ran," Peerman said. "It wasn't too smart running after the guy because you never know. People are carrying guns, they could be working with other people."

But when Peerman closed to within 10 yards, the thief "kind of peeked back and gave it up. I jumped down some small stairs, landed on my heel in the process. I didn't feel anything while I was running."

A few weeks later, Peerman re-tweaked his foot while at the beach in Virginia. He called both instances "just a couple of weird things" and doesn't seem too concerned. And while he hopes to be off of the NFI list soon, he should have at least a little twinge of concern.