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Around The AFC North: Ravens Cornerback Asa Jackson Suspended Eight Games

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The bad news keeps coming to the defending Super Bowl Champs with a recent suspension to one of their young players in the secondary.

Scott Halleran

No matter how you try to spin it, the Baltimore Ravens have had a tough go of it since winning the Super Bowl earlier this year. Since hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, they have seen a number of star veterans leave the team via trade, retirement and/or free agency because of salary cap issues. And while they rebounded from some of those personnel losses, you can now add injuries and suspensions to the list of issues they are facing.

According to reports, second-year defensive back Asa Jackson will be suspended for eight games in the 2013 season. Why such a hefty suspension? Jackson was suspended four games last year for a similar issue involving his taking of Adderall, a banned substance.

Drafted in the fifth round out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Jackson played in three games last year and didn't rack up any statistics. Even though he didn't have an impact as a rookie, Jackson was apparently set to get long looks as a kick returner for the club. There's no word on if Jackson will appeal the suspension as of yet.