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Sean Porter has not turned corner with injury

Marvin comments on Porters injury saying "Some can play with it, some can't"

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

As Josh talked about yesterday, Bengals rookie Sean Porter is facing a crossroads with a torn labrum.

VIA Twitter:

Marvin Lewis on Sean Porter: Has not turned corner with shoulder injury yet. Hope to get him back. Some can play with it, some can't. - @pauldehnerjr

Recently many players have faced a similar injury. Players like Ed Reed for the Ravens and Aldon Smith for the 49ers were able to play through their injuries. Guys like Jeremy Kimbrough and Dion Jordan had surgery and long recoveries with theirs.

Based on Marvin Lewis's comment, it is unknown which path the Bengals will take with Porter.

A torn shoulder Labrum is a fairly common injury in the NFL. Shoulder bones are not held in place well by the shallow socket of the shoulder. There is cartilage called a labrum that forms a cup for the bones to move within. Basically the Labrum makes the socket deeper and allows for a wide range of movement for the shoulder. Labrum injuries are common and can heal on their own depending on the severity of the tear.

We will keep you posted as we find out more on Porter's injury. This is not good news for a kid fighting a group of other players for the final linebacker spots.