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Moch says he hasn't suffered a migraine in nine months

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Dontay Moch's career is one-game old after two years due to migraines that he feels are conquered... for now.


Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Dontay Moch, a chronic sufferer of migraines, told Dan Hoard with that he hasn't experienced one in nearly nine months. The biggest reason for the improvement, Moch says, is a change in his own lifestyle.

"I’ve made a whole lifestyle change to take complete control over what I do and that seems to have fixed the problem," Dontay told me. "Dietary stuff, supplements, prescriptions if I have to take them…preventative things.

"I’ve talked to a lot of people. I went out of my circle to get other opinions – different doctors and different routes and ways. It took a little bit from everybody to figure out my situation because everyone is different. It helps because it gives you a path toward understanding it better."

Migraines have virtually killed Moch's NFL career, playing only one regular season game in two seasons since being selected in the third round of the 2011 NFL draft. It's not the first time that he's felt optimistic either. Moch said in June last year that he hadn't had any problems with migraines for nearly six months, but obviously they returned later that year.

Moch served a four-game suspension last year violating the league's performance-enhancing substances policy), finally making his NFL debut against the Cleveland Browns. He was placed on the Reserve/Non-Football Illness list on November 2, ending his season when the migraines returned.

The promise is there.

Moch led the team with 3.5 quarterback sacks during the preseason in 2012 and added another sack against the Tennessee Titans last Saturday.

Does he have a chance to make the roster?

"We have a guy that got the franchise tag and a guy that just signed a six-year contract as well as a couple of vets behind them," said Moch via "Then we have a bunch of young guys that are nipping at their toes. It’s a challenge, but I definitely feel like there is a place for me on the roster. I’m going to show them that I can contribute and do my one-eleventh and be the man that they want me to be out there. That’s all I can really do."