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Bengals Safety Taylor Mays A Good Sport About Getting Ripped By Rookies

On Tuesday's episode of "Hard Knocks", Bengals safety Taylor Mays was the subject of a lot of laughter thanks to the "Rookie Talent Show". Mays was a good sport about being the butt of a joke.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night's episode of "Hard Knocks" was one for the ages. Not only did it capture the dramatic side of the game of football with Aaron Maybin's release, but it also was one of the more humorous ones to date. Most of the humor centered around the team's "Rookie Talent Show" and safety Taylor Mays' offbeat humor.

In the talent show, some of them pooled together to make a video imitation of Mays at practice. In the video, wide receiver Roy Roundtree dressed like a goofball and pretended to be Mays going through drills. It was quite a funny scene watching Roundtree imitate Mays in the shortest of pairs of shorts.\

Mays, though embarrassed, laughed at the video and didn't get too upset in the show. He continued to be a good sport on Wednesday after practice when speaking to the media. Dayton Daily News' Jay Morrison notes Mays' positive reaction to the rookies' grilling.

"It was good. They got me," Mays said. "I’m going to get him back at some point. I might try to hurt him. I’m going to go after him. "It was really creative," he added. "They made some good jokes, where you can make the joke but it’s still OK because the person can laugh at it. It’s kind of like, ‘Do you make fun of these guys? Are they going to get mad?’ It’s good because it shows that guys can work really hard and then have fun and laugh. Just kind of take a load off and have some fun. I think that’s important."

This type of attitude is what is making this Bengals team a special one. They like each other and enjoy working with each other on the field everyday. This type of locker room chemistry usually breeds success. And kudos to Mays--I'm not sure that I'd be as easy-going about getting grilled in front of my peers and the nation the way that he did by the rookies.