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Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton A TV Star, Thanks To Pepsi

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton recently starred in a hilarious Pepsi commercial.

Andy Lyons

Andy Dalton hasn't hit NFL stardom quite yet. While he has had tastes of early success, the kings of the mountain are reserved for championship quarterbacks that have likeable personalities. Dalton definitely is likeable, with his blend of "aw shucks" and on-field fire, but he has yet to hoist a Lombardi Trophy.

Still, some think that this could be the year of the Tiger. And with the team starring on HBO's "Hard Knocks" this year, the popularity of the team that represents the Queen City has risen to one of its highest points. Because of this popularity, Dalton was hired by Pepsi to star in a recent commercial. And, it's quite funny.

It's sort of like a G-Rated spin-off of a bit in the Will Ferrell movie, "Anchorman". In that flick, you'll likely remember Paul Rudd's character, Brian Fantana, and his affinity of a cologne called "Sex Panther". It was made with real bits of panther, apparently. Well, in the Pepsi commercial, Dalton brings a young couple a bottle of his own scent called "Andy".

Have a look: