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Bengals linebacker Brandon Joiner Carted off the Practice Field Thursday

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Linebacker Brandon Joiner may be facing a setback in his attempt at a second chance on the football field.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as if Brandon Joiner is a recent victim of offseason injuries. Joe Reedy of the Enquirer updated via twitter that Joiner was carted off the practice field and into the stadium during Thursday's practice.

If Joiner faces an extended period of time injured, it will be a disappointment to say the least. He's been facing a difficult path to the 53-man roster ever since the Bengals gave him a chance in the NFL. After being sentenced to three years in prison for robbery and felony drug possession dating back to 2007, Joiner was released in January and the Bengals are giving him a rare opportunity to prove himself on the biggest stage of professional football.

We have no word on the nature or extent of the injury, but we'll be sure to update you as news develops.